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Eclipse Super Star Destroyer

by Boba-IT


Toronto, Ontario-based artist David Irvine, of The Gnarled Branch, creates what he refers to as ‘Re-directed Paintings.’ He takes unremarkable paintings found in thrift store and flea markets and whimsically enhances them by strategically painting in pop culture characters and references. Old paintings that had been gathering dust and may well have ended up in a landfill are revived and transformed thanks to Irvine’s skilled and playful hand.

David Irvine sells his Re-directed Paintings as well as prints via Etsy, Society 6 and Red Bubble. He also accepts commissions.

Head over to The Gnarled Branch Facebook page to check out more of his cleverly altered paintings as well as lots of his other artwork.

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Bad Boy Club - Created by Josh Lane | Twitter

Available for sale on Society6 and TeePublic.

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