Dedicated to the different styles of life, & all the extra b.s that they bring along. I'm on the pursuit of happiness.
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Note to self : We may not be where we used to be.. we may not ever be but all i know is that in time i want to be better. We’re not together but that’s where my heart is. I love you so much it’s crazy. You have your flaws but compared to the way i feel for you ..there nothing. I’d rather struggle and get it right with you then leave you to suffer alone. You’re mine..i’ve claimed you. Ever since we’ve started. The journey continues.. right now i’ll just call this our “ getting over shit" phase lol I dont know what it is but i cant get enough and i damn sure dont want to stop. You’re my colombian pain in the ass rolo954 

The Towers of Silence are circular-shaped buildings that have funeral customs and symbols for adherents of Zoroastrianism. They find the body of a corpse impure, and not to violate the sacredness of the land, refuse to bury or cremate a body. Instead, lay the corpse on top of a building in the mountains, where vultures come and eat your meat, just after the bones are in contact with lime, so they can disintegrate and thereafter be thrown into the water where the cursor continue on to the sea, not touching the ground as well.

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All I want is loyalty, love, weed, sex and food.
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